Assasins Snail, What You Need to Know About This Killer Snail

Assassin Snail – If you like the residents of your fish tank to maintain the storage tank tidy for you, you have to take into consideration having Clea Helena with you.

If you observed in the wild, you will certainly discover this animal living in a rapid streaming as well as tidy streams with sloppy or sandy substratums, though they’re additionally forgiving to a large choice of water problems, consisting of ditches and also fish ponds, makings them an excellent enhancement to any type of house fish tank.

The Assassin Snail or called the Snail Consuming Snail is a tiny as well as easy-to-keep freshwater invert that is absolutely safe to shrimps and also fish. It’s an amazing appealing in grown fish tanks, which showcases a brilliant yellow together with the delicious chocolate brownish candy striped covering.

Did you understand Assassin Snail?

Did you recognize that the Clea Helena is really various? The Assassin Snail nurtures on both fed on sediment as well as live target.

They have the ability to remain partly in the covert below the debris when a snail its dimension slides previous, they will certainly offer a chase and also devour it. Or else, it is a tranquil neighborhood container homeowner. Better, initially go to no damage in all when mobile.

Fish tank caretakers and also fish enthusiasts could locate their storage tanks overwhelm in addition to undesirable ramshorn, fish pond snails as well as tadpole, and also Malaysian trumpet, and also the assassin snail might aid with this situation.

When searching, it catches its innocent victim, covers itself around the aperture of the covering of its sufferer, as well as continuouslies consume the animal active. Nonetheless, it is this extremely attribute, makings the assassin preferred amongst couple of fish tank caretakers.

There’s a great reason these types is searched for as the assassin snail. When it does not have worn out healthy protein to consume, these types obtain aggressive, indicating it strikes worms and also various other sort of snails.

If you are questioning why an individual wants to have a bloodthirsty animal like Clea Helena in their aquarium, the solution right here is that besides the vicious enjoyment of seeing it consume unlucky victims active is it benefits bug control.

In a fish tank atmosphere, a great deal of exotic fish maintaining enthusiasts discover Clea Helena absolutely efficient in reducing hassle snail populaces, and also as long as the problem of the water is best as well as there suffices supply of food, they’re fairly simple to maintain.


On the various other hand, Tylomelania are participants of the Pachychilidae family members, a freshwater-dwelling team in the mainly aquatic Cerithioidea household of gastropods.

You will certainly discover a number of Tylomelania varieties as well as all of them are distinguishing is made complex. A great deal of sellers trade them as Tylomelania, or some under brand name like Safety helmet Snails,, Bunny Snails as well as various other numerous names.

The Assassin Snail is usually called as Clea Helena. This belongs to the whelk team Buccinidae as well as among minority whelks, which stays its entire life in freshwater environments. Several of the normal names on this varieties are “Snail-Eating Snail” as well as “Assassin Snail.


Assassin Snail is usually has a conelike, dark and also yellow-brown candy striped covering that makes assassin snail a great enhancement to a great deal of fish tank, not just the ones with a pest snail problem. They generally reproduce to an optimum dimension of around 1.3 centimeters, although those somewhat larger snails have actually been released.

Its covering, which is cone-shaped fit includes of yellow-colored as well as dark brownish tan bands, leading to some individuals to discuss to this snail as the bumblebee snail.

Generally, the snail will certainly invest the majority of its time hidden in its substratum. They’re much less energetic throughout the center of the day however they notice food as well as will certainly come to be energetic when fed.

The very same with various other snail types we have today, they utilize a siphon that could usually be seen standing out of the covering. Recognizing women as well as men apart is not actually practical.


When we speak about breeding, the man and also women Clea Helena locks with each other for a number of hrs. You will certainly see that the women Clea Helena lays clear egg pills that are square fit and also dimension. The egg pills are typically laid on strong surface areas as well as the eggs hatch out in a couple of weeks.

Assassin Snail is included specified man and also women types which, typically aren’t hermaphroditic. Presently, it does not establish ways to analyze which one is male or women. Both man as well as women Clea Helena seem the very same sizes and shape.


Little is notified concerning the ecology of Clea Helena in the wild; nonetheless, it’s understood to occur in a series of freshwater environments consisting of rivers, streams, storage tanks as well as lakes, generally in locations with a soft compound like mud. In some locations, it could be amongst the leading gastropod varieties.

Nonetheless, under the fish tank problems, it does not appear to be picky relating to the water chemistry or the food yet it will certainly be annihilated otherwise maintained completely cozy, implying that as an exotic types, it will certainly not adapt to non-tropical problems.


The exact same with various other snails around, Clea Helena will certainly not execute well in the water that’s as well acidic or soft. While the specific water chemistry requirements do not appear to be vital, it is essential that you go for a reasonably tough to difficult water in addition to a PH over neutral (10 to 20 levels, dH, pH 7 to 8).

Bear in mind that there are freshwater snails as well as salt is not required in the water. The top quality of the water is really vital. As compare to various other freshwater snails, these varieties are maintained by lots of enthusiasts. They are not taking a breath snails like Apple Snails as well as they will certainly refrain excellent in containers that have poor oxygen or bad water blood circulation.


Better, it’s more probable to reproduce effectively in a storage tank that has actually sandy substratum considered that the adolescent snails rather invest most time concealed underground.

Did you recognize that assassin snail is an excavating types and also does not ideal in storage tanks that have sandy substratum? When absolutely nothing else, this supplies the aquarists an opportunity to observe the all-natural actions of the varieties.


This sort of snails not extremely tough to feed due to the fact that they would certainly consume any kind of meat neglected for them. You might not error them to be scavengers. These snails additionally consume remaining fish food. The consuming behaviors they have are secure as well as simple to establish. The catfish pellets are an example of the foods fit the snails to consume.

If you are looking for much more options, it would certainly additionally be best to attempt the salt water shrimp, Mysis, as well as the krill. These appear popular to a multitude of fish proprietors. The little sections of lance fish are challenging to overlook yet you need to feed it in the correct amount to any type of type of troubles ahead along your method.


The eggs are currently launched a hr. After that, the adolescent snail sneaks out from the covering. Currently, you would certainly witness the adolescent has a covering, which is 5 mm in size and also could be raised together with the grownups without issues

The eggs are normally carried throughs balls. The reproducing procedure would certainly take around 8 weeks to a period of 6 months. The life-span of the fantastic assassin snail has to do with 2 years.

Being a meat-eating snail, the reproducing procedure would certainly not take that lengthy as you long you feed it with the correct amount of meat. Placing it in the best fish tank would certainly make it simple for you to sustain a huge populace of it.

If you are established to reproduce it, you would certainly not have a trouble whatsoever. As compared to various other snails, it would certainly be ruled out a family pet.

On the various other hand, Tylomelania spp. is nearly however not livebearers. They are hard to mate once the breeding starts, the women rapidly different living the male snails. At this moment, the lady prepares to hatch out the eggs in just a few mins.

Given that it is challenging to establish the woman from the male assassin snail, you simply need to observe the clustering of the snails. The clustering procedure generally takes a number of hrs. Both the man as well as women snails different means after the breeding procedure to lay their eggs.


On a various note, both the Clea Helena and also Tylomelania spp. are at risk to predation when maintained with huge fish. Larger fishes have a big ability it as a result of the plus sizes of the fishes.

If you want to maintain your Snail assassin risk-free a lot of the moment, you might pick amongtetras, non-nippy barbs, rainbowfish, livebearers, Corydoras catfish, bristle nose catfish and also far more as great buddies for the snail.

Pufferfish, Cichlids, loaches as well as catfish are most likely to have the assassin snail and also the smaller sized Tylomelania as feasible food as a result of the smaller sized dimensions it has.

In spite of all these, the Assassin Snail would certainly not trouble to consume the various other snails larger compared to it did. The Nerite Snails, ANDTylomelania on the various other hand, appear to have conjunction with the snail.

Considering That the Clea Helena is a killer, it has the ability to consume the various other snails that are smaller sized as compared to it. It may also have a fantastic rate of interest in the fish food you are feeding your fish.


For instance, in keeping an eye on a runaway Malayan Livebearing Snail is to utilize 4 to 6 Clea Helena each 60 litres of water.

Considered that this would certainly not eliminate the Malayan Livebearing Snails, the Assassin Snail, on the various other hand, would certainly preserve the populace of them small that they are no more frustrating. On top of that, they would certainly have the possibility to consume the various other types of fishes they can locate in their relaxing environment.

The Clea Helena is called as the assassin snail because of the excellent murder capacity they carry the smaller sized snails. Nonetheless, the inquiry is, are this sort of snails worth maintaining o reproduction.

If you would certainly observe on the reproducing component, it is simple to reproduce however you need to adhere to various other factors to consider. In doing so, you are preparing to have a healthy and balanced reproduction and also maintaining of the snail.

This would certainly be a wonderful convenience to a multitude of fish caretakers due to the fact that the decreasing of a multitude of insects would certainly not trouble them at all times.


While you are not at the stage of having a freshwater coral reef storage tank, those snails are an excellent a number of action in that instructions! Feel confident, in maintaining them, you have a much better opportunity of having the very best environment for your fish. Thus, it would certainly be a great way to have and also reproduce these snails.

As compared to the present types on sell, these snails are much more much less most likely to come to be a parasite, and also when steady, very easy to keep.

Nevertheless, there is still no guarantee that a snail would certainly be completely be cleansed by snails. Nevertheless, you need to bear in mind that with the assistance of Tylomelania, the work would certainly be closer to just what you are anticipating. By doing this, you have a huge possibility ensuring there are nothing else kinds of scavengers inside your fish tank.

Clea Helena as well as Tylomelania spp. has even more to draw in the fish tank fans maintaining mild, tiny freshwater fish. This results from the capacity they have as scavengers along with the right and also reliable method of maintaining the fish tank tidy a lot of the moment.

Apart from the maintaining of snails, the Tylomelania is a great sort of scavenger as a result of the capability of it to any kind of remaining fish food as well as bones. Other methods of scavenger job might be crazy by Tylomelania. A fish caretaker would certainly be commonly satisfied concerning the dependability of it as a kind of scavenger.

Yes, with these kind of snails, it would certainly be simple for you to have a best time in reproducing and also keeping them. Aquarists are entitled to the right to have the fishes in their fish tank risk-free and also the appearance of these snails make it simpler.

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